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CEO, DC Fempreneur

Attention Women Entrepeneurs!

Would You Like To Increase Your Online Visibility

So You Can Attract More Ideal Clients,

Build Credibility and Be Seen as the Expert?

Join the Fempreneur Visibility Challenge!

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Monday, January 25 - 3 PM Eastern

Lisa Shapiro, CEO, DC Fempreneur Visibility Challenge

Find Out How Our 6-Week Social Visibility Challenge Will Help You:

  • Win More Sales Opportunities and Ideal Clients...
  • Dramatically Increase Sales and Profits ...
  • Gain Widespread Name Recognition and Referrals Online ...

Our Visibility Challenge is Specially Designed For Women Business Owners Who ...

Feel Stuck ...

You know you need to be more active on social media so you can get the visibility and attention you need to grow your business ... but you feel stuck and don't know how to start ... ...

Want Real Results ...

You're spending too much time racking your brain for fresh ideas and content to post on social media to attract attention ... but you're not seeing the results you hoped for ...

Are Ready to Be Known

AsThe Sought-After Go-To Expert ...

When you are the first person people think of or recommend for the services you offer because your name shows up everywhere it matters ... you can stop worrying about where your next client is coming from, and spend more time doing what you love.

What Benefits Can You Expect By Participating in the Challenge?

Here's Some Feedback From Last Year's Challenge Participants:

"Knocked It Out of the Park ... Got 2 New Leads This Morning Alone!"

Meet Lisa Shapiro:

Your Social Visibility Coach

Lisa is a dynamic serial entrepreneur, social media expert, former Washington DC food scene blogger and visionary Founder and CEO of DC Fempreneur -- a thriving community of female entrepreneurs who collectively seek to combine and share skills, knowledge and expertise and grow purposeful, profitable and sustainable businesses.

Our supportive network of more than 1,000 women are working together to create professional opportunities, strategic partnerships and collaborations - both online and in-person.

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